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Spread across an area of 10000 sq I, located at one of the prominent locations in Ahmedabad is an Imaging Centre that pushes the barrier of Radiology and Diagnostic care. We aimed to design beyond the tightly knitted constraints of such healthcare-related programs, resulting in a spatial layout that caters to curated interconnected spaces, achieving the need for transparency while maintaining privacy as diverse situations suggest.

Programmatically, the office is spread between four floors – each floor has its reception, waiting area, counselling and doctors’ rooms. Primary functional spaces for MRI, CT-Scan, PETCT, Sonography, X-ray, Mammography, DEXA etc. are distributed among the first three floors. The top floor houses the doctor's area which includes a lecture zone, cafeteria, accounts and staff rooms. The design centres around the idea of creating a space which caters to patients,

exhibiting a sense of calmness and repose as a part of their experience. On all floors, the waiting areas along with the reception, being the most public part of the program, are situated towards the front thus having better exposure to natural light as well as a better connection to the outside. Surrounding the waiting areas are the doctor's cabin, counselling rooms, and private waiting rooms where one tries to play with the connectivity between spaces. Through

manifestation, there is an attempt to regulate visual connections in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the need for privacy in such spaces. In an orderly manner, the increase of transparency is complemented by creating frames, enhanced through contrasting and alternative elements. Through the use of thinner sections of metal rods as a part of the composition of the frames, such a difference in language is created to make the connections more prompt.


Imaging Centre Interior






Mr Pratul Shroff

Dr K.R.Shroff Foundation

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