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CraftsPOD Design Studio is an Architecture, Design and Research practice based in Ahmedabad. The firm deals with diverse scales and types of projects, from addressing complexities on a larger urban scale to that of furniture, dealing with the need of a project. From the inception of our firm, in the past four years, we have indulged ourselves in diverse scales; from architecture and landscape design to installations for office spaces. Through projects, the studio tries to come up with alternate approaches to the formation of space, where the exploration of material expressions and details play an important role. In some cases, one takes dominance over the other, experimenting with things in detail, and trying to come up with new meanings and expressions. The firm attempts to indulge in projects which are deeply rooted in a particular situation, having a rational efficient reasoning approach and in sync with the demands of contemporary practices. 



At CraftsPOD Design Studio we try to push certain boundaries of the conventional way of looking into things with subtlety and understanding of the sensitivity of a project. To us, the situation in which a project stands leads us to the direction of approaches and processes. From the aspirations of the stakeholders to the foreseeable possibilities in a project, we try to find ways in which we can balance things with a predominant intent to innovate and explore in a structured manner. Depending on the projects, research becomes an integral part which leads us to a more efficient and appropriate solution. Throughout the process we tend to search for cracks from where we can get a possibility to explore things, keenly searching for opportunities to make a move. In totality we try to look at a part from a holistic perspective, questioning the role of practice in today’s society and responding to it in a resourceful manner. 


Janki Contractor

M.Arch, B.Ach

Janki Contractor is a Graduate of CEPT University, Abad. She has studied Urban Design to avail Master of Architecture degree from Glasgow School of Art University, UK. Her expertise is a resultant of the work experience gained by working with eminent Architects such as Ar. Kamal Mangaldas and Ar. Yatin Pandya. In the past she was a visiting faculty at Navrachna University and CEPT University. Her interests includes Urban Design and Housing.                                     

Atreya Bhattacharyya

M.Arch, B.Ach

Atreya Bhattacharyya is a Graduate of Jadavpur University, Kolkata. After working for over an year with Ar. Yatin Pandya, he studied Theory and Design to avail Master of Architecture degree from CEPT University, Abad. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at Indus University where he teaches Design Studios pertaining to People, Place and Built Environment. His interests includes History and  Architecture Theory.                                  

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