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The entire plot is designed as a journey with three focal points – The entrance Garage with a guard room, The Deck and The Outhouse. Each of these structures is integrated with the landscape such that one doesn’t realize their presence on the edges of the plot until one reaches the open space adjacent to it. The site is broken into smaller spaces, smaller gardens surrounded by dense plantations on all sides. Small winding pathways, gardens surrounded

by flowering shrubs and dense Miyawaki plantation form the overall character of this design. The suggested plantation of design is such that privacy of all open spaces is maintained and it doesn’t offer a direct view while entering retaining the element of surprise.

The Entrance: It contains a curved wall, effectively hiding the guard room behind it while the remaining space has a parking and a deck covered by a floating roof.

The Deck- This structure was designed to be connected to the house yet separated by the roof, made of exposed concrete columns with brick cladding tow walls on the sides. It was sunken & merged with the ground opening up the space to the lawn for spillover.

The Outhouse – At the end of the journey, this structure surrounded by trees and a courtyard is a space to unwind. A smaller courtyard with a swing at the foyer opens onto a larger courtyard with an informal bethak and lounge area. The sliding doors, help in segregating spaces as and when required. The alcove serves as a final solitude surrounded by tall plants disconnecting one from the road.




Landscape Masterplan







Dr Hemant Patel

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