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Corners is a project which celebrates the ordinary spaces in everyday living. The intent of the project is to curate corners, by creating more intimate and personalized spaces. Each space has its own expression yet compliments each other to compose one large space-The central core of the house, where a majority of functions take place during the day.


To give the central space more significance, we have intentionally changed the scale of the transitional spaces by lowering the ceiling & using darker color tone, thus creating a contrast from the main spaces. The living space, completely opens up to the outdoor balcony at one end, while at the other, it opens to the kitchen through a set of minimalist folding wooden and glass doors. Diffused light from the canvas ceiling fixtures, creates a warm environment, acquainted by other light features which orient themselves around the furniture. The private spaces and home study are located towards opposite ends of the central space thus maintaining a degree of privacy within the apartment. Each space, comes together having its own character, allowing a degree of flexibility through the way it relates to the overall space.


The character of the project is further defined by the way materials come together, in different components in raw and unfinished manner. Being a derivative of a predefined material palate, each element plays a subtle role in the whole setting. Be it wooden strips, unpolished stone in the table top or the concrete finished furniture, none are loud in expression. They coherently allow the impressions of the objects, the light fixtures and the metal sculptures to be a part of the setting. In totality these come together to create a wholesome experience, something which allows one to be, creating a sense of belonging to the spaces. The project is also a fine exploration of materials and details in their pure form, defined through various patterns. 



Residential Interior






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